The Massage Guide

Massage Techniques: A Stress Relieving Therapy


When we say massage therapy, it is a therapeutic method of manipulating soft body tissues. Massage therapy is a great way of relieving all kinds of stress as it has positive psychological, physiological and physical effects. This means that massage therapy will certainly be able to help one relax and relieve stress not just in mind and body, but in spirit as well. The word massage translated in different languages has different meanings. In French massage means "friction or kneading", in Hebrew it means "to handle or touch" and in Latin it means "mass,dough". In an older Hebraic language, massage means "to anoint with oil" and this may have been the origin of how massage came to be.


When we go out on massage spa, the stress relief massage therapist manipulates our connective tissues, organs, lymphatic vessels, skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles and other soft tissues in our body. They do this using different means such as structured and unstructured vibration, stationary and moving vibration, motion, tension and pressure. Massage strokes are easily applied just by using our feet, forearms, elbows, thumbs, fingers, soft fists, and hands. Massage spa utilizes many different massage modalities. The total number of recognized types and modalities on massage is 80 techniques all in all. Due to the clinical effectiveness and the demands of clients, massage has been largely introduced to the public as a therapeutic remedy.


Clients either sit on deep tissue massage in folsom chair or lays down on a massage table during a massage therapy session. Massage tables are specially designed for comfort of the client as it is well padded along with a horse shoe shaped head support to allow clients easy neck positioning and breathing while faced down. While the massage chairs are also designed for comfort with a well padded surface and a horse shoe head rest, unlike regular chairs clients will be in a more upright sitting position with it. Chair massages are short massage sessions which will only last for about five minutes minimum and fifteen minutes maximum. In addition, clients are fully clothed during these sessions.


On the other hand, table massage sessions has a 30 minute minimum massage time, and could last up to 90 minutes max. The clients are usually undressed during these sessions and only has a blanket or sheet to cover their body. Bolsters and pillows are often used during these sessions for a more comfortable feel and for better positioning of the body. These massage chairs and tables are portable and can be set up anywhere with ease. For more facts and information regarding massage, you can go to